That’s why Atkins diet is one of the popular diets


Atkins diet is one of the popular diets that people work out and those who strictly stick to this plan after successful initial phase, the rewards are seen in terms of weight loss. Before knowing the steps we need to know how it works.

In this diet, unprocessed nutrient rich food (like meat) is allowed unlike many other diets. Many experts believe this as a concept against many established facts in weight loss. This diet is carried out in steps which are discussed below. Dieters are allowed to take some nutrient rich food in initial stages as this diet uses fats for energy.

The process is called 'Ketosis' which happens in the intial stages of this diet. But in the first stages vegetables are not at all allowed in one's diet. This is important as supply of carbs is stopped through veg but meat is allowed to keep the body nutrient rich. In this first step significant weight loss is achieved

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In the second stages, vegetables are allowed in small servings. This step is relatively easy to follow as carbohydrates levels are allowed to increase. A critical carbohydrate level is reached for maintenance after this stage.

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