How to reduce weight quickly after birth?

How to reduce weight quickly after birth?
After birth, the mother gains some extra pounds that may be frustrating for the mother, especially with the belief that the postpartum period may not be followed by a particular diet because of the risk of breast milk, but we will give you the magic solution that helps you to lose weight and at the same time Does not affect breastfeeding.
– Walking :You need to walk from 20-30 minutes a day. It is not meant to walk here, but to walk comfortably. You can also resort to comfortable exercises that help you effectively after giving birth.
– Make the effort: Move the stroller every day, with certain situations you can take advantage of this in reducing your weight, just to be your body straight to the back.
At first, I have to have a few walking speeds and my desire is to gradually increase the speed. You can increase the walking time from the previous time, repeating this exercise 3 times a week.
– Eating: You need proper nutrition not only you but your child, too. A US study has shown that children are affected by eating that their mothers eat in this period and are keen to eat later. So make sure to choose healthy and useful food and do not cause obesity in the same Time, A researcher in the field of diabetes, asserts that eating sweets in large quantities does not make you feel full, but on the contrary makes you want to eat more kosher so it is better to rely on a meal with all the elements of protein and fat health.
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