How do I reduce my weight during pregnancy?


How do I reduce my weight during pregnancy?

 Exercise: Pregnant women can lose weight by exercising. Although many pregnant women think this poses a serious risk to their children, the fact is that light exercise is never harmful to the pregnant mother or fetus, as it reduces her weight And helps to reduce the pain experienced by women during pregnancy. 

Therefore, the pregnant woman is advised to exercise for 30 minutes, which can be divided throughout the day so as not to feel tired, and from the best light exercises that can increase By: walking in the gardens, for example, light jogging, practicing yoga, swimming, and on the other hand it to avoid some heavy activities, such as: skiing, or riding a bike and other violent sports; it may cause her pain and Tchaaraa dizzy.

 Adequate nutrition: Pregnant women can lose weight by adopting a diet that contains few calories. Pregnant women often need 300 calories as well as their natural daily intake to feed the fetus. Maintaining this normal rate can help get nutrition. 

It is known that women may lose weight during the first trimester due to morning sickness, but after that it can increase their weight. However, it is not recommended that the mother follow the diet for weight loss, but all that She has to do it Weight loss, low-fat dairy products, and avoid foods that contain high-calorie, high-fat foods such as fast food, and so on. 

In order to reduce calories and gain weight, and replace the source of harmful calories with useful sources to feed itself and its fetus.

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