How to reduce my weight after cesarean delivery?


How to reduce my weight after cesarean delivery?

It is not recommended to exercise before six weeks of birth, preferably after the exercise light, such as: fast walking and children's drowsiness daily and the rise and fall of the stairs and some other simple exercises, where it can be the beginning of exercise for a short period and then the length of time gradually increases, Exercise helps to tighten the body and strengthen its flaccid muscles, and it also relieves back pain that may affect women after birth.
These are some weight loss methods after cesarean delivery:
Breastfeeding: Must be one of the highest priorities for women after birth. It is known that breastfeeding is the best and best food for the child. It strengthens his immunity very effectively and in addition to his other benefits. It helps to lose weight greatly. It regulates the hormones of the body. Returning to its normal size, as well as burning calories and excess body fat, it has been shown to burn about 200 to 500 calories daily.
Healthy diet: You should eat a diet containing healthy foods free of excess fat and calories, and you should be eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, chicken and meat daily, and this system should not be based on the reduction of calories significantly, but must balance calories, To maintain the metabolic rate to help lose weight. Be careful to eat enough water, and avoid eating sweets and fast food. Do not drink soft drinks that contain high calories without any benefit from them.
Rest: Helping to get rest and relaxation is important for women after childbirth.
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