Pyramiding Muscle Building Workout Program


One of the more advanced techniques that you can be using for building muscle is pyramiding. With pyramiding, you’re going to be working across a variety of rep ranges thus deriving superior benefits compared to a plan where you just work at a constant rep range the whole way through.

With pyramiding you’re going to be both building strength and size at the same time as you’ll be lifting a heavier weight throughout the lower rep range and then lightening it slightly and producing a high rate of muscle hypertrophy during the higher rep ranges.

While you won’t want to follow a pyramiding scheme for months at a time as it is quite stressful on the body, adding it once in a while to shake things up and further your progress is a great way to break a training plateau and ensure that you keep seeing continual results.

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Below you’ll find a workout program that utilizes the pyramiding training scheme.  You’ll be working out three days per week, hitting each muscle in every workout and then have the days in between off for recovery purposes or to perform light cardio training.

Aim to lift as heavy as possible with each given rep range so that you’re maxing out your strength development.


Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Squats 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Bench Press 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Deadlifts 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Rows 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Bicep Curls 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Tricep Extensions 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Hanging Leg Raise 2 15-15 30 seconds



Off or cardio training


Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Leg Press 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Incline Bench 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Cable Pull-Throws 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Pull-Ups 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
‘T’ Lateral Raises 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Seated Calf Raise 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Plank Exercise 2 30 second hold 30 seconds
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Off or cardio training


Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Step-Ups 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Weighted Push-Ups 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Deadlifts 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Horizontal Rows 4 6-8-10-12 2 minutes
Hammer Curls 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Dips 3 8-10-12 45 seconds
Decline Weighted Sit-Ups 2 15-15 30 seconds


Saturday & Sunday

Off or cardio training



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