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Yoga is a wonderful and natural means of losing your excess weight as well as getting a healthier body. People have been practicing yoga from ancient times and still now it is equally popular among the people. However, you must remember one thing that when you are into Yoga, you have to eat the right kind of diets which are called the Yogic diets. According to these diets, the foods can be classified into three types; one is Rajasic; second is Satvic, and third is Tamasic.

The Rajasic Yogic diets are the foods that will make you more energetic. From time to time, these foods contain high amount of fat. That is why they may cause restiveness as well as weight gain if you consume this food in large quantity. The foods of this type are pungent foods, such as, curry, onions, meat, and garlic along with beverages, like, coffee plus teas. If you consume these foods in medium amount, they will help you in fulfilling your purpose. However, if you are practicing yoga seriously, then you have to concentrate on the Satvic foods. These foods are purest in form and they are extremely helpful in providing loads of energy to your body. These foods include lentils, fresh fruits as well as vegetables, honey, yogurt, nuts and seeds along with other dairy products.

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The Yogic diets also include rice plus grains, which in turn provide your body with fiber and they help in digestion. The yogis used to take these foods in little cooked condition so that the nutrition of the foods remains unaltered. That is why most of the foods are served in raw form or slightly cooked form. Satvic foods are absorbed very easily and help in keeping the human body balanced. With the help of these foods you will get a healthier body.

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