Male Fat Loss Meal Plan


While there’s no question that having a good workout program in order will help to burn off calories and maximize your metabolism, the real magic comes from your diet.

By eating the right foods at the right times of the day, you can ensure that you maintain your energy levels throughout the calorie reduced diet while also helping to preserve lean muscle mass.

If you don’t plan your diet out properly, there is a very good chance you could suffer muscle mass loss due to reduced calorie intakes, and this would make fat loss harder as the metabolism would slow down.

The following meal plan will provide you with everything you need so you can put your mind to rest that you’re doing everything possible to see top-notch results.


Breakfast 6 egg whites Salsa 1 banana1 tbsp natural peanut butter

1 cup oatmeal

Mid-Morning ½ cup Greek Yogurt2 tbsp flaxseeds1 apple
Lunch 6 oz chicken breast1 cup brown riceSliced veggiesSoy sauce for flavoring
Mid-Afternoon 1 scoop whey protein powder1 cup berries10 almonds 
Dinner 4 oz tilapia fish1 large baked potato5 spears asparagusFresh dill
Before Bed 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese1 cup grapes



Breakfast 6 egg whitesSalsa2 slices whole grain bread1 tbsp almond butter

1 orange

Mid-Morning 1 can of tuna1 whole grain wrapCucumbers, peppers, mushrooms1 tbsp light Italian salad dressing
Lunch 6 oz turkey breast1 cup whole wheat pastaSteamed green beans½ cup tomato sauce
Mid-Afternoon 1 scoop protein powder1 cup frozen strawberries1 cup milk
Dinner 4 oz cod fish½ cup brown rice2 cups steamed broccoli1 peach
Before Bed 1 cup cottage cheese1 tbsp natural peanut butter



Breakfast 1 cup cottage cheese½ cup low-fat yogurt½ cup bran cereal1 cup raspberries

1 sliced banana

Mid-Morning 1 scoop whey protein powder2 cups melons
Lunch 1 can of tuna1 cup barleySalsaDiced peppers, carrots, and onions

10 almonds

Mid-Afternoon 3 oz grilled chicken1 small whole wheat wrap1 slice low-fat cheesemustard
Dinner 6oz turkey breast2 cups mixed greens1 tbsp light Italian salad dressing1 apple
Before Bed 1 cup Greek Yogurt1 kiwi fruit



Breakfast 3 links turkey sausage½ cup oatmeal1 orange10 almonds
Mid-Morning ½ cup cottage cheese1 cup blueberries
Lunch 6 oz low-fat ham1 large sweet potatoSteamed green beans with lemon juice 


Mid-Afternoon 1 scoop protein powder1 cup frozen strawberries1 banana1 cup skim milk
Dinner 3 oz steak1 corn on the cob½ cup brown rice2 cups green salad

1 tbsp light Italian salad dressing

Before Bed 2 cups air popped popcorn1 scoop chocolate protein powder



Breakfast 6 egg whitesSalsa1 cup bran cereal½ cup milk

1 orange

Mid-Morning 1 cup low-fat yogurt1 peach, sliced½ cup bran cereal
Lunch 3 oz shrimp1 cup angel hair whole wheat pastaGrilled mushrooms, peppers, and onions½ cup tomato sauce
Mid-Afternoon 1 can of tunaSalsa10 whole wheat crackers1 apple
Dinner 6 oz turkey breast1 cup steamed green beans1 small sweet potato
Before Bed 1 cup cottage cheese1 cup grapes1 tbsp natural peanut butter



Breakfast 3 links turkey sausage1 sliced sweet potato made into hash browns1 orange bread 
Mid-Morning 1 can tuna mixed with 1 tbsp fat-free mayonnaiseSliced onions20 whole wheat crackers
Lunch 5 slices low-fat deli turkey meat1 small whole wheat pitaSliced mushrooms, cucumbers, and shredded carrot1 tbsp light Italian dressing
Mid-Afternoon 1 cup low-fat  yogurt2 cups melons
Dinner 6 oz chicken breast1 cup quinoa1 cup steamed broccoli1 oz low-fat cheese melted on top of broccoli
Before Bed 1 cup Greek yogurt2 tbsp flaxseeds



Breakfast 6 egg whites1 grapefruit1 cup oatmealCinnamon

½ cup skim milk

Mid-Morning 1 scoop whey protein powder1 cup grapes
Lunch 6 oz chicken breast½ cup barleyStir-fried vegetables in light soy sauce
Mid-Afternoon 1 cup cottage cheese1 banana
Dinner Cheat meal (eat a meal you’re craving but keep serving size in moderation)
Before Bed 1 cup Greek Yogurt1 cup strawberries





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