How do I get rid of stress and lose weight during pregnancy?

How do I get rid of stress and lose weight during pregnancy?
New mothers become stressed, which makes them feel uncomfortable, affects the hormones and increases the secretion of cortisone in the blood, which leads you to eat large amounts of food and thus increase your weight so try to rest your mind and get away from things that may make you nervous.
In this article I will give my dear some tips to avoid stress during pregnancy and lose weight:

1- Grow as soon as your baby sleeps:

Of course you have many homework in terms of washing and ironing and caring for the small, ask your mother or your husband for help and try to sleep. sleep saves you from stress and helps to burn calories.

2- Go hiking:

If the weather allows, you can take your child to a park, which reduces your stress.

3- Customize 6 minutes to rest:

You can sit in a dim light while enjoying a cup of warm tea and a piece of music that reduces your stress.

4- Yoga Exercises:

Yoga helps yoga to rest and relax, strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation and contribute to the lack of high blood pressure during pregnancy, it helps to maintain the flexibility of the joints, and the fitness and flexibility of the body of pregnant women, and women can benefit from them by participating in lessons Yoga before birth, techniques learned in the yoga class can help women to calm and control themselves during labor.
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