The health benefits of fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are a necessity for a healthy diet for weight loss. A fruit and vegetable diet is not unusual in weight loss programs. Such diet is said to have a low energy density ratio. This means that they are high in weight and low in calories. The beauty of this is that you can eat larger portions of these foods without the risk of calorie-abuse. They are also high in fiber, minerals and nutrients. Such fresh foods are essential in a diet to help reduce the cravings for sugary over-processed foods.

A fruit and vegetable diet is very similar with the Volumetrics diet. This diet has no banned foods and based on the trading of more calorie dense foods for less calorie dense foods. This makes vegetables the perfect candidates. A PERFECT (not volumetric) fruit and vegetable diet looks like this. It consists of about 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetable through the day. An additional 2-3servings of low fat dairy adds the nutritional value.

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Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and other nutrients and help protect against diseases. They are full of nutritious carbohydrates in high fiber content within. Fiber is essential in the digestion and it slows down the absorption of glucose. Finally, they are low in fat and cholesterol free. That approves them as heart healthy foods.

Vegetables and fruit make the best snacks. They help you feel fuller, for longer. They contain sugar and thus lower the urge of snacking on unhealthy foods like candy and cake. They are also full of plant enzymes phytochemicals which help the body against coronary heart disease and cancer. People who eat more fruit and vegetables are less predisposed to heart attack and stroke. Eating more fruit and vegetable has been prescribed for diabetic patients to help lower blood sugar.

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For breakfast have a cup of oatmeal. Some non-fat milk or fresh juice is advised. If you are in a hurry, you could concoct a bowl of fruit which will do.

A mid morning snack will keep you energized. Make a bowl of salad with some tomatoes, cucumber, capsicums and carrot. You can try different salads on different days with pepper, onion or raw mango for flavor. Sprout is also a nutritious option.

For lunch you might prefer to fry your vegetable in 3teaspoons of olive oil for 5minutes to make them crispy and more add more flavors. You could also try whole grains. A glass of fresh juice is packed with vitamin and energy. The best option would be some orange with pulp or unfiltered apple juice.

An evening snack could be filled by an orange or apple. You could also slice up a bowl of fruit. You could put some papaya or mango. When buying fruit and vegetable you should buy those in season. Not only will they will be cheaper and at their best and alive with flavors.

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Nonetheless, your diet change should be as radical. You might opt for a progressive shift to fruits and vegetables. You can slowly introduce vegetables in the dishes you prepare and add sliced vegetables or grated carrot. When you feel hungry grab a fruit for the snack. You will soon start noticing the changes and the pounds will start falling off as you consume less of the unhealthy foods.

This kind of diet has no refined sugar, minimal processed foods, no greased foods, no dressings and no junk food. Keep making progress toward a full fruit&veg diet for you to start losing weight.


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