Who should go for Atkins Diet?


In Atkins diet, dieters are encouraged to have nutrient-rich unprocessed food. This is in contrast to other traditional diet plans which ban the nutrient rich food or such food items. One needs to cut down on calories to lose weight is the basic thing, dieters should work out.

Obese should go for atkins only if they are not suffering from any diseases like blood pressure, diabetes. In the first stage exercises are not recommended. A process called 'Ketosis' occurs, which utilizes the fat and converts it into required energy. This process is responsible for too fast weight loss. Rapid loss is also not recommended by many experts. As too fast lost weight might build up fast.

Dieters who suffer from gout, kidney conditions, type I diabetes should strictly aviod fast weight loss programs. Pregnant women should not go on Atkins at all. This is dangerous for the mother as well as the child whose development depends upon mother's food intake.

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A Word of Caution

Those who get successful results with Atkins diet, must follow this diet plan life long. Or the result is, dieter starts gaining the lost weight in small periods. After you have lost weight, you can't go back to eating carbs. Also when going for diet plan, dieter must first consult the doctor. Atkins diet plan is most stringent and it may change dieter's eating habits for life time.

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