Getting Your Nutrition In Line


As you go about completing your chosen workout program, one thing that you must be keeping in mind at all times is what you’re doing from a nutritional point of view.  If you aren’t eating properly while going about your workouts, not only will you not be recovering as well as you should be from each workout session, but won’t see the body fat loss or muscle building results that you’re aiming for either.

Good nutrition really does account for up to 80% of the results you see, so without it, you’re going to be chasing a losing battle.

Let’s take some time right now to provide you with a few of the important nutritional points that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Get Your Calorie Intake Set Correctly


First things first, when focusing on nutrition the initial element to get in place is the right calorie intake. If you’re not consuming the proper calorie level to support your goals, it’s not going to matter what you do in the gym, you won’t see results.

Most people maintain their body weight at a calorie intake of around 14-16 calories per pound, and then to lose body fat you’ll want to take in 250-500 calories fewer than this each day. That will produce a weight loss of ½ to one pound of body fat loss each week, which is a safe rate to go at.

If you want to build muscle on the other hand, add 250-500 calories per day to your diet instead.

Focus On Quality Protein

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The second element for success with your nutrition is to make sure you’re taking in enough quality protein sources.  Protein should be included with each meal and snack you consume, choosing from sources such as chicken, egg whites, fish, lean red meat, and low-fat dairy products.

These will help supply your muscles with amino acids and quickly get hunger levels under control.

Choose Quality Carbs

Moving on, with the carbohydrate side of things, make sure you’re staying as far away from processed sources as possible. This will only move you further from your goals and overall good health.

Instead, turn to natural sources of carbs such as oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. These will supply lasting energy that won’t get quickly converted to body fat stores.

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Finish Off With Fats

Finally, the last vital element of any sound diet plan is healthy fats. While fats do contain more calories per gram at nine compared to four for proteins and carbs, they are a must-have for good health.

Just be sure that you’re monitoring your portion sizes so you don’t take in too many otherwise you will gain weight because of it.

Instead, add in small doses of healthy fats such as olive oil, flaxseeds, fatty fish, nuts and natural nut butter, and seeds.

So if you can keep all these points in mind as you go about planning your diet, you can feel confident that you’re on your way to seeing maximum success from your workout program.


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