What foods benefit the nursing mother without weight gain?


What foods benefit the nursing mother without weight gain? 

There is a range of foods that benefit women a lot during the period of breastfeeding and through its role in the production of milk for the baby without causing weight gain to the mother.

Leafy vegetables:

Leafy vegetables are one of the most important health foods that are useful in breast milk during breast-feeding. They contain a large percentage of iron, calcium and folic acid, which are known to have excellent benefits for nursing mothers.

Oats and apricots:

Oats work to increase the yield of breast milk significantly because it contains a large percentage of nutrients necessary for the production of milk for the baby, most important elements of iron and calcium, as well as contain oats the important dietary fiber that provides the body energy.


One of the most useful types of vegetables in breast milk is the carrots. This is because it contains vitamin A and the estrogen ointment that the mother needs during infancy, and the carrots are rich in beta carotene, which contributes to the body and stimulates milk production.


Nuts are also wonderful foods that are beneficial in increasing breast milk yield and contribute to improving its quality and increasing its quantity.


Proteins and protein-rich foods are the most important food sources and very useful for the health of breastfeeding women. These protein foods such as poultry, meat, liver, milk, cheese and their derivatives are very high in milk protein.

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