Why Fad Diets are Bad for your Health


Many people decide to give fad diets a try out of desperation. They either find that the traditional way of eating to lose weight is too confusing, or they are impatient and want to see results immediately. With promises of quick and easy weight loss results many people turn to fad diets as a quick means to an end of their heavy burden of carrying too much weight. While fad diets may seem like an easy out there are a lot of reasons for turning away from fad diets and quick fixes. When you want to lose weight you should do so in a way that has health benefits and that will help you to keep the weight off for many years to come. Here are some of the reasons that you will want to stay away from fad diets as a way to lose weight:

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Fad diets will generally suggest that you cut important food groups out of your daily intake. This is harmful to your health because your body needs the nutrients from each of the food groups in order to run properly. When you don't provide your body with some of these nutrients it will have to work harder in order to get them and this can leave you feeling run down and cause you to become malnourished. You will want to stay away from any and all fad diets which suggest that cut out entire food groups from your daily consumption.

Many fad diets will ask you to live off of only one food for long periods of time. Some examples of these diets include The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Apple Juice Diet, and The Pineapple Diet. There are many problems with diets such as these. One thing that is harmful about these diets is that you will be denying your body of many different nutrients. Your body will look to other means to try to get those nutrients from itself. You will get sick more easily due to the fact that your immune system will be run down. You will have problems focusing and concentrating because you will begin to suffer from mental fatigue. Your body will begin to turn to your muscle and begin tearing it down trying to nourish itself.

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Other fad diets will promise you wonderful results from eating foods from different food groups at different times of the day. They will suggest that you only eat so many servings of certain foods so many times during the day, or even the week. When you start to follow one of these fad diets you will find that it can be far too time consuming and confusing to do for the long haul. Also, when you begin to mix your foods together once again you will see that your weight will come back on and generally more will follow. The important thing to remember when you choose a diet is that you want it to keep the weight off forever and you want it to help you to become a healthier person.

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