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Diet pills comprise of over the counter natural weight loss supplements and prescription weight loss drugs The market is full of such weight loss products each claiming to deliver results in no time. But finding the most effective product can be confusing. At, we purchased and tested over 20 of the top selling diet pills in the market today to decide which product works best and is the right choice.

The products we researched consisted of popular pills, patches and oral syrups. The result is a comprehensive detailed review of the top 3 most effective diet pills we found in our research. If you’re looking to get rid of body fat — these top 3 products can give you the best results available anywhere.

#1 Proactol PlusProactol Plus Pills

Proactol Plus is a popular weight loss supplement that is made from organic plant extracts having no negative side-effects. These natural ingredients in Proactol Plus act as fat binder and appetite suppressant. As a fat binder it works by binding the fat in the diet and by not letting it be absorbed by the body. As an appetite suppressant it significantly decreases unnecceary food cravings thus doubling the affect of calorie restriction. Users of Proactol are not required to alter their diet in order to reduce calorie intake.

Our research found Proactol Plus to be a licensed medical diet pill that has been scientifically studied and clinically proven by renowned medical agencies. Since it is all natural, it is ideal for vegetarians and those who are prone to allergies.

·    clinically proven fat binder
·    All natural and totally organic
·    Free of allergens
·    No known side effects
·    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
·    safe for long-term use
·    180-day money-back guarantee

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Bottom line:

Proactol is a breakthrough weight loss pill that has gotten tremendous publicity in the leading UK newspapers lately after successful clinical trials. We found Proactol plus as the most effective diet pill in the market and therefore give it No.1 ranking among all weight loss products.

#2 Unique HoodiaUnique Hoodia Pills

Unique Hoodia comes at No. 2 in our rankings. Unique Hoodia is a weight loss pill that takes advantage of the properties of naturally occurring Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus-like plant found in the Kalahari Desert that has a clinically proven property to make one feel fuller even without food. It very effectively controls food cravings which results in reduced intake of calories and therefore weight loss.

Unlike other hoodia gordonii products, what makes UniqueHoodia better than the competition is the fact that it contains pure and totally unaltered Hoodia. Each pill of UniqueHoodia contains 495mg of potent South African Hoodia Gordonii extract.

·    Doctor and herbalist-endorsed.
·    100% authentic & pure Hoodia Gordonii
·    No artificial coloring or flavoring or preservatives
·    No known side effects
·    safe for long-term use
·    Quick results within the first 2-3 weeks
·    Unique Hoodia offers 120 days risk free money-back guarantee

Bottom Line:

We found large number of past user reviews acknowledge that it’s a great appetite suppressant which makes it easy to control hunger and lose weight fast. Unique Hoodia is not a miracle weight loss pill but surely it is one of rare products that offer significant results.  Best results come with 4-5 months of usage.

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#3 CapsiplexCapsiplex Pills

Capsiplex is yet another top selling diet pill that offers instant reduction to excess food appetite. This patented system based on capsicum and chili powder has also been endorsed by medical experts and herbalist alike.

Capsiplex works by enhancing the metabolism so that your body burns excess fat and calories efficiently. The organic blend of ingredients contained in Capsiplex are clinically proven to effectively burn up to 278 calories per day. Further there is evidence that it reduces chances of heat attack, clears gastric problems and improves digestion.

Capsiplex weight loss pills can be used alone or in tandem with a exercise program. However user feedback suggests that a regular and moderate exercise schedule of 30 minutes enhances the effectiveness of Capsiplex manifold and helps shed those pounds quickly and safely.

·    Boosts metabolism
·    clinically proven to burn about 278 calories in a day
·    Quality assured and certified product
·    One capsule a day is all that is needed to maintain this weight loss program
·    Endorsed by well known celebrities
·    Safe for long-term use
·    Quick results within the first 2-3 weeks

Bottom Line:

The user can eat as per his liking with Capsiplex. The medicine is extremely effective to reduce the fat content in the body. However we observed that users who maintained an active lifestyle achieved better result than expected.

What results can I expect?

On average dieters lose 2-5lbs per week or 8 to 23lbs per month.
You may wonder why such a big difference ?we found and it is quite simple. People who take Phen375 and don?t follow strict diet plan or don?t incorporate physical activities will lose less weight ? about 2lbs per week.
People who do follow diet more strictly? and also do some exercising will lose weight a lot more, usually around 3-5lbs per week and bigger built individuals as much as 10lbs.

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To increase the benefit of any diet pill you choose, combine it with a low-calorie diet. A daily exercise program will make you see results fast and attain maximize weight loss.

Our detailed product ranking criteria:

When investigating different pills for weight loss, there are certain factors that we considered in our research study. Here is the process we followed:
1. We narrowed on 20 top diet pill brands on the market based product popularity, brand recognition and number of consumer searches.
2. We gathered data from various sources, such as big online stores, consumer forums, product review sites and personnel blogs.
3. We bought diet pills and our experts analyzed the products on the basis of: Effectiveness, Safety, Pricing and Customers Feedback.
4. We documented any side effects mild or severe
4. We combined all the information and share our findings here.

Our Rankings: was created to give consumers unbiased reviews, ratings, and comparisons on the top weight loss pills on the market. Our goal is to prevent people from wasting money on low quality products and help find a reliable diet pill that actually works without any side effects.

An Improtant Tip:

Remain Diligent In Treatment Application – While it may be difficult to get used to taking pills daily it’s important to get into a routine and stick with it! We found that nearly half of the failures can be attributed to missed dosage!



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