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Dieters are confused to have so many diets to choose from. There are many queries regarding what one's diet should be? How much calorie intake? Which diet plan suits me? Here are some guidelines. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before going for any particular weight loss programmes. In market there are hundreds of diet plans available, weight loss programs etc. to guide you to be slim and healthy.

Low fat, low energy density, low calorie food is what is needed here. The diet plan should be planned consulting doctor or dietician. Low fat breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts should be consumed during the day and that should not exceed the calorie intake limit.

The calorie requirement for men is about 1500-1750 cal a day and for women it is 1200-1500 cal a day. Daily diet plan for obese should not exceed 1200 cal a day. But you must not starve yourself.

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Plan well-balanced low cal, low fat diet

Your diet should include moderate amount of red meat, fish, poultry. Go for chicken and turkey more often than lamb, beef and pork as these are high in fat thus in calories. We highly recommend the Low fat, low calorie, low energy dense Recipes Section on . Here is a great collection of breakfasts, dinners, desserts, lunches that are low in calorie, fat but still delicious.

Cooking Methods

Whenever possible, obese should always for grilled, griddled, poached, baked foods. If you need frying, use very little fats.

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