Claire boosts her confidence!


Have you been trying to lose weight for a long time without success? Perhaps you have joined slimming clubs only to be embarrassed at the weigh-in if you hadn’t lost weight or put on weight?

If so, you’re just like Claire who had many failed attempts at dieting until she read an article in a magazine about our online service. Her main motivation was an upcoming holiday; her clothes wouldn’t fit and she couldn’t afford to replace them all. She dreamed of looking goodin that all-important signature piece that everyone dreads come holiday time-the bikini.

As a busy working mum of two and being a sufferer of a digestive condition, Claire needed her diet plan to be flexible and to include foods that she could feed the whole family with. That’s why she opted for the Totals plan; a realistic plan which allows you to incorporate the foods that you want to eat into your own schedule.


She was particularly impressed by our online “easy-add” system whereby you can input a food and get its totals value enabling you to plan your meals-“I really couldn’t have done it without the Nutrition Totaller”. She found that she could also monitor her fat and fibre intake with the Totaller which has helped in the management of her medical condition.

We all have our weaknesses and Claire’s was crisps. She often ate 2-3 packets a day but now realises that she can still have crisps but less often and has them as a treat once a week.

She now chooses healthier cooking methods such as grilling her “fry-up” treat instead of frying it. She has cut down her portion sizes and knows exactly what she needs to eat to stay healthy. As well as watching her diet Claire recognises that exercise was a vital part of her success “We got a dog just as I started the plan; I walked her further and further each week”.


Claire lost over two stone in a six month period, showing her clear commitment towards the programme. Her hard work has paid off and now she’s the perfect size 10 whereas before she was a size 12/14. Her BMI is in the healthy category at 23 compared to her previous reading of 28 which is in the overweight category.

Her supportive husband thinks she looks “fantastic” and her friends “are jealous hehe!” She is thrilled with the result and why shouldn’t she be.

Her weight loss brought a rise in confidence levels and she can fit back into her clothes. “I feel more confident and have even had my hair dyed and started making an effort with my appearance again”.

The household budget has also benefitted. Claire now makes weekly food planners for the whole family and it has saved them money when it comes to the weekly shopping bill.


She realises that this is an ongoing process “I do know there are times when it will be bad like Christmas but I know what to do and I can come back to the programme if I need to”. Looks like the Nutrition Totaller is in Claire’s life to stay!

Claire’s inspiring story ends with her useful tips
1. Be confident you can do it!
2. Be honest with weigh-ins!
3. The staff are there to help and give advice and support. They are paid for it so use it!

Seems that the bikini moment might not be so bad after all…

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