Carbs & Weight Control

Carbs & Weight Control

Unlike many fad diets the low carb diet actually helps in metabolism of stored fat. Shifting from high to low carb diet places the body in a state called ketosis. Carbs should be taken about 20 gm per day in this diet. Also this diet contains more proteins and fat. However one can't be sure of weight loss or fat removal using single diet plan. One needs to actually burn the extra consumed calories or in other words dieter should also exercises.

High carb diet increases the insulin percentage in the blood. Also other harmones that regulate enzymes are increased due to high carbohydrates. Having low carb diet can help for some time but exercises, other nutrients are must. So well balanced diets according to individual's nature, type of work, diet plan can help in maintaining weight.

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  • Stick to a particular diet plan for some period and if necessary change according to the results found
  • Avoid alcohol, moderate drinking can help to remain healthy
  • Adjust approach according to health status, goals and your body type, no weight loss program can help lose weight without your efforts. Also don't starve yourself.
  • Burning the extra consumed calories is necessary. Use calorie counter, maintain diary, analyze results.
  • Avoid fast food (High energy density food items)
  • Long term strategies should be taken into consideration and followed. Weight lost in very less time period may be dangerous and the lost weight is gained fast in some cases.
  • The calories taken in should be burnt away to maintain weight. Well balanced diet (sufficient nutrient intake, low cal, low fat, low energy dense food), exercises, some life style changes are important to maintain weight. The lost weight should be maintained for long period to remain healthy.
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