What is the best sports system for diabetics?

What is the best sports system for diabetics?
The number of diabetics in the world is more than 300 million, and by 2030 the number of diabetics can rise to more than 500 million. Many talk about nutrition for diabetics, but no one talks about the importance of sports for diabetics.
I present to you in this article the best 4 aerobic exercise for diabetics:
1: Walking:
It is a useful math that you can start with in your sports program. To increase the benefit of walking, try walking on a path with simple heights. This will increase the effort and increase the speed of the heartbeat, and there is no harm to the walking sport, unlike some other sports.
2: Jogging:
The jogging can cause pain in the joints after a while because the body receives consecutive traumas during jogging that may damage the joints, so jogging on the fingertips, fast walking is better than jogging or it is possible to combine quick walking and jogging at the same time. Long distances do not favor diabetics.
3: Swimming:
Start with short distances and gradually multiply them.
4: Bike riding:
Of useful mathematics and its usefulness in the case of its practice in the way of heights.
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