What are the best foods to lose weight for diabetics?


What are the best foods to lose weight for diabetics?

Diabetes is a disease that has become widespread, and of course it is important to take into account the patient's food, there are a lot of healthy foods for diabetics, which should be interested in eating, and there are foods that have to move away so as not to cause complications of the situation, and we in this article We discuss how to diet for diabetics in detail, so follow us dear reader.

The best foods for diabetice:

-Fish: The blood pressure level, which contains omega-3, is important for health, as well as an important source of protein and calcium. It also contains an enzyme that reduces the complications of diabetes.

-Green tea: Lowers cholesterol level, protects against cancer, facilitates digestion and relieves weight loss.

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- Fruits containing vitamin C.

- olive oil: It is very useful for diabetics because it contains important nutrients.

- Onions: contain a dietary formula that increases the resistance of the body to diabetes, as studies have shown that a number of diabetics that eating onions contributed greatly to improve their health, as it did not cause any rise in blood sugar, and the simple sugars found in it Easily absorbed.

It also reduces the level of sugar in the blood dramatically and quickly if the rise from the normal level.

- Cinnamon and Nuts.


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