What are the benefits of sports to lose weight in patients with diabetes?

What are the benefits of sports to lose weight in patients with diabetes?
The exercise of health benefits are many reflections on human health and physical and psychological integrity, and in this article we will address the importance of sports to patients with diabetes in particular.
The benefits of exercise for diabetics are not limited to their contribution to the reduction of excess weight, which is one of the most important causes of diabetes, but it can improve the resistance of insulin in muscle cells for a period of 48 hours, which helps these cells to absorb insulin better Thus lowering blood sugar.
There are many reasons why diabetic patients regularly exercise regularly:
– Sports is essential for burning calories and thus losing excess weight.
– Sports improves blood circulation and keeps the arms and legs healthy and safe.
– Sports is essential because it helps lower blood sugar levels by controlling the level of insulin in the blood, and thus helps reduce the amount of medication used for diabetics.
– Sports helps type 2 diabetics control the progression of their disease.
If you feel excessive sweating or sweating or accelerated heart rate, stop exercising and check the level of sugar in the blood, and drink water constantly.
While exercising, keep a variety of sugars with you, in case of low blood sugar.
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