What are the benefits of oats to lose weight in diabetics?

What are the benefits of oats to lose weight in diabetics?
Diabetes is a disease that has no treatment, so it is necessary to live with this disease and to follow a diet appropriate and balanced to avoid high blood sugar level or decline, hence the importance of eating oats by diabetics, in fact, oats are not distinguished from The rest of the fiber-rich grains and vegetables have the same benefit as other fiber-rich foods, but in this article the focus will be on the main benefit that oatmeal provides to diabetics and other benefits that indirectly affect a patient's health.
- Fiber is the secret to the usefulness of oatmeal for diabetics, as fiber slow down the process of converting carbohydrates from foods to sugar in the blood.
- Eating oatmeal as a meal or with other foods regulates blood sugar and reduces the body's need for insulin.
- An important aspect of diabetic patients when eating oatmeal as a basic meal is the low rates of sugars in it and contain complex carbohydrates need longer to turn into sugar.
- Oats are used in weight loss diets, so when diabetics eat continuously, they can control their weight or even lose a few kilograms. Obesity is known to increase the symptoms of diabetes.
- It is known that oatmeal is a good food for cardiovascular health as it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and this is what diabetics need to cope with the disease.


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