How do I avoid increasing my weight during pregnancy?


How do I avoid increasing my weight during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should reduce the intake of fatty foods, sugars and sweets manufactured, pregnancy stage is one of the most important stages of processing to receive the fetus, you need to supply your body with vitamins and nutrients, your child will inevitably be affected, and if you suffer from obesity or excessive weight before pregnancy you Make a healthy diet with a doctor’s assistant.
Here’s my lady, the most important foods that cause weight gain to be eliminated during pregnancy:


Pregnant women should not multiply, they cause obesity such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, and also reduce the intake of cake and biscuits.

Highly salted and stored foods:

Such as pickles, salted sardines, processed meats, etc., because they affect blood pressure and store water in the body, affecting both mother and fetus weight.

Fatty substances:

Avoid eating fatty substances. It is recommended that the pregnant woman cook with corn oil and refrain from using obesity, butter, cream and cream during cooking. It gives many calories and causes an increase in the weight of the pregnant woman and her accumulation of fat.

Gaseous probes and sweetened juices:

It prevents the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, which causes bone weakness and abnormalities in the skeleton of the fetus as well as in its weight.
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