What Lies are Told in Weight Loss Industry?


Are you worried about your weight?

  • If you’ve ever read any one of the many popular diet book…
  • If you’ve ever watched late night TV commercials and listened to a diet / fitness guru talking about an amazing new diet, exercise machine or nutrition program…
  • If you’ve ever tried the web information about diet, supplement or training…
  • If you’ve ever done ANY of these things, then chances are…

You’ve Been LIED, My Friend!

Are you shocked? Surprised? If so, then join the conversation - you’re not alone!

Honest information about weight loss is not easy to get, it is actually harder to come by than ever before, and nearly everyone has been mislead at one time or another.

I’ve lined-up few common lies of weight loss industry, hope the following untrue stuff and the facts help you in your weight loss journey:

“For a succesful weight loss you need to be master in counting calories and exercising.”

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When you are focused on diet, exercise and counting calories, you are not seeing the real problems. The real why you gained weight is hidden and put on the side track.

“One size fits all. The problem you don’t succeed on a diet is in your willpower.”

This is the biggest lie ever. There is no one diet that works for everyone. It’s just impossible to be in state of deprivation for a long period of time.

“Food is only fuel for your body.”

Yes it is, but is much more than this. And for this reason we need to make peace and feel pleasure with food. Food is not something negative that is preventing us to live the life of our dream. Remember? The reason of your extra weight is not outside you – the food – it is inside you and within reasons you are making those choices.

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“Eating more of something will help you lose weight.”

Diet industry publish some food related weight loss researches and spin it for their sales purposes. This idea that eating more of a certain type of product will help you lose weight is not true. Our body needs variety of food to feel nurished and to have all nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. It is true that some type of food speed up digestion and we will discuss this points in details in our program.

Self-desipline and commitment is the key to successful weight loss journey. There are virtually no limits to what you wish to … and YOU CAN achieve in the long run. But there are certainly limits to how quickly you can SAFELY achieve them.

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