What is the appropriate sport for diabetics to lose weight?

What is the appropriate sport for diabetics to lose weight?
Sports and health are two sides of a single coin. Through healthy and healthy sports, health comes especially for people with diabetes. There are some exercises that diabetics have to do to regulate insulin:
– Walking:
is a recommended sport for diabetics. It reduces some of the symptoms associated with the disease, such as feeling tired and tired.
but provided that they are light speed and short distances because high speeds and long distances wear the joints.
– Bike riding and swimming:
It is very useful for diabetics where it helps to restore the balance of the body provided that it does not last long so as not to cause fatigue and fatigue to the patient.
According to a group of research and reports on diabetes, it was found that the exercise of some types of exercise, which should be exercised after consultation with the doctor improve the work of insulin in the body and organize the process of pancreatic secretion in many cases showed results that sports practitioners stopped eating Medications given in cases of the disease.
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