Alex drops 5 stone with a New Year diet!


Almost every person has followed the obligatory New Year diet at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the hard facts indicate that most people fail miserably and soon return to eating habits that spell disaster for the waistline.

Alex weighed herself after the festive season and was appalled to discover she was tipping the scales at 16 stone. Shocked into action, she decided to register with our online Gi Diet plan.

“I was disgusted at how much weight I had put on. My health was the over-riding decision to lose weight, and as I gradually lost more and more, I found the motivation to continue dieting increasing.”

At first she admits she had the support of her sister and co-workers as they were also trying to shift some of the weight gained over Christmas. However unlike Alex, they could not muster up the determination to stick with their diets.

“In the past I have tried diets but I never got the results that I had with this online plan.”

The motivating factor for Alex was the health problems she was putting herself at risk of by falling into the obese category. Prior to starting the diet she wore a size 18 and had a dangerously high BMI of 31. But after joining our programme, she achieved an amazing loss of 5 stone and her BMI is now 24, right in the healthy range.


“My size 18 jeans were feeling tight, I played the usual blame game – they had just been washed etc. but in reality I was getting fatter. I wanted to wear the latest styles, as being 28 I still like to go out, and whenever I did as a larger woman, I felt frumpy.”

Now she can shop in high street stores as her dress size has reduced to a slim size 12-14. She no longer depends on plus size stores for her clothes, and as a woman in the prime of her life, Alex is delighted to be able to fit into trendy and fitted clothes! She has every reason to flaunt her fabulous curves and slimmer figure!

The structure and focus on healthy eating of our meal plans appealed to Alex and enticed her to join the online programme.

“I tried other well known diets before but I didn’t like the emphasis on ready meals and the fact that you could have an entire day of eating low fat crisps and chocolate as long as you stuck to your calorie allowance. There was no dedicated meal plan ensuring that food groups were balanced.”

Before joining the online plans, Alex ate portion sizes that were fit for a large man. She indulged in too much junk food and her main meals tended to be high in fat, sugar and salt.


“Breakfast consisted of toast with marmalade, a biscuit mid-morning, followed by a pre-packed sandwich, crisps and a dessert such as a chocolate mousse for lunch. My evening meals consisted of lasagne or a pie with mash and vegetables. I drank 2-3 glasses of wine per night which I knew had to stop because of both the calories and the long term health implications. The portion sizes were matching my partner’s who is 6 foot 7 inches! I can’t believe the amount of calories and fat I was consuming.”

Alex has revamped her eating habits with the help of the Gi diet; she explains how things have improved.

“My diet consists of porridge and fruit for breakfast, and freshly made soup, yoghurt and fruit for lunch. As a snack I have small portions of nuts and then in the evening I enjoy delicious chicken stir-fries.”

“To help curb the alcohol temptation, I tend to drink soda water with low calorie cordial in a wine glass. It makes me feel like I am having an interesting drink rather than plain water or tea.”

The last piece of dietary advice she has to offer is perhaps the most basic, but has been that fine line between success and failure for many dieters.

“I would definitely advocate the message of drinking lots of water. Not only does my skin look much better, but I noticed that whenever my water intake lapsed, my weight either stayed the same or I gained.”

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Exercise played a starring role in the success Alex achieved. She noticed a major boost in her energy levels since increasing her visits to the gym. She has found a fitness routine that works well and has made a point of incorporating it into her weight loss regime.

“I do 50 minutes of running, use the cross-trainer and then I do sit ups combined with resistance training. At lunchtime I go for a walk. Since I started exercising I don’t feel tired like I used to.”

Losing weight has made a major difference to Alex; her quality of life is far superior now that she feels more confident and physically attractive.

“I feel full of life and enthusiastic about eating well. The clothes I wear now actually look pretty good on me. I feel more confident when I go out and people say that I look younger which can’t be a bad thing.”

And finally Alex wants to reiterate just how focused she is on maintaining her new healthy weight.

“In the past I have tried diets but I never got the results that I had with this online plan. This time something just clicked. It was so hard to lose weight I have no intention of reversing all the progress I have made!”

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