10 tips on selecting healthy foods


A healthy eating plan consists of the best foods that provide the body with sufficient nutrients and supplication. Here is a list of some of the top 10 picks for healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods. A healthy diet involves making the right decisions about what you consume to take best care of your body. The journey starts when you begin to make wise decisions about what you eat.

* Always try and have a balanced diet in all meals. Choose foods from a variety of food groups; fiber, fats and protein, greens, carbs and vitamin. Try to combine all these different elements in your diet. The diversity in color shows the extent of variety in your diet. Have some lean cuts once in a while. Meats like turkey, pork and beef are rich in mineral, vitamins and protein which are best obtained naturally.

* Snacking is a central part of how we live. Healthier snacks go a long way to promote longevity and good health. Choose healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables over processed greasy options. Try some fresh fruit or nibble on some raw veggies when the cravings strike. Popcorn is also a good snack, when homemade you can limit the amount and type of oil and salt used to prepare it.  Always vary your snacks lest you get bored and revert to the cake and candy.

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* The beverages we consume play an important role on the success of any weight loss plan. Soda and all soft drinks plus many other energy drinks contain empty calories which have a negative effect on efforts to lose weight. For instance, 2 bottles of soda/pop provides over 700 calories. That is close to half of the daily requirement of an average person. Try to switch to lower calorie beverages to cut down on unnecessary calorie intake.

* Eating many smaller meals instead of fewer larger meals will provide you with the added metabolism for power exercise regimes. More meals will provide you with a continuous energy supply. You will also feel more satisfied and with lesser urge to snack recklessly.

* Have an egg in the morning. Egg protein is filling and one eats less during the day. The lesser you eat, the more pounds you lose. It would be healthier to fry the eggs in butter.

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* Kales are high quality nutritious green that contains a lot of fiber. Despite the somewhat natural taste, kales contain large amounts of calcium and iron. Spinach is also a good option, whichever works for you.

* Oats are among the best fiber foods around. It digests slowly and its carbs are not digested as fast. It causes a spike the blood sugar levels and is quite filling.

* Lentils are high in fiber and contain protein thus providing for the required carbs levels without raising blood sugar levels. When the blood level rises insulin is produced to convert the excess glucose to fat. This leads to excess fat in the thighs, tummy region and underarms.

* Soaked sunflower seeds provide a good source for vitamin E. They are very nutritious and high in minerals.

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* Always cook with coconut oils. It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties which help the body.

* Yogurt is a very nutritious dairy product. It is rich in friendly bacteria called probiotics. It is also rich in calcium which aids the bones and helps the small intestines’ absorb vitamin D.  Yogurt is rich in bacteria which have numerous health benefits such as; helps prevent diarrhea and lower the body’s cholesterol level.

* Sardines are rich in protein and omega-3 fats. These fats are rare and found in cold water fatty fish and fish oils. They help improve mood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

* Nuts are good snacks that are good sources of protein and dietary fiber. They are high in fats and calories. These fats are healthy and not the kind that clog to the arteries. They also contain minerals (magnesium and copper).


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